Skates are the new Stilts!

Curious adds roller skating characters to its wardrobe

Having specialsed in stiltwalking for over 10 years Curious has added skating to its repertoire. The characters so far include two Fifties Rock 'n Roll hot dog girls with trays, perfect for American themed parties. next are the Roller Disco Sisters, 3 groovalicious, hot pant wearing roller girls who bring the perfect 'Disco Moment' to your 70's themed event. Next on the card will be a 40's inspired usherette who would have been a cigarette girl if it wasnt SO naughty to smoke, so now will settle for handing out chocolates. All our skating characters are super interactive and we have found being closer to the audience has great advantages for communication purposes.

Article created on: 14/11/2007 19:08:33